Who are you?
     detectmagicdice a one-person shop, run by me, Rebecca (hi!). I 3D print my own master dice, sand and polish them, make my own molds, and cast, finish, and ink my resin or faux stone dice all myself. I do all the product photography and website work as well. I have the 'how hard can it be' gene, which means I'm always teaching myself new skills. (:
     However, dicemaking is not my full time job - during the day I work as a programmer in biotech. Since I make art in my spare time, shop updates do not follow a set schedule or amount. Please follow me on Instagram or other social media to be notified of shop updates. I advertise shop updates starting two weeks in advance, and sometimes dice can sell out quickly.

Why are your dice so expensive?
     Rollable, handmade dice art takes upwards of 10-15 hours per set. When you buy detectmagicdice, you're selecting a luxury product produced by a skilled artisan. I've been working as a creative in this field since 2020, and pour countless hours into researching how to make dice, learning CAD modeling to make custom inclusions, trialing different regents, and generally honing my techniques to produce a beautiful product. I sometimes sell "raw" dice at a discount.

What are "flaws" or marks of the handmade process?
     My dice are not 'factory perfect.' And in fact, even factory/mass market dice have mold marks, polishing flaws due to an imprecise tumble polish process, or large interior bubbles resulting from the injection molding. My handmade dice are likely more highly quality controlled than opaque factory dice, since I cast with a pressure pot to reduce interior bubbles. However, I understand that handmade dice are expensive and do my very best to photograph any visual imperfections on a set by set basis. What you see, should be what you get, with no unfortunate surprises.
     The imperfections listed on my sets are minuscule and do not affect the balance or ability of the dice to roll. Imperfections can include minute scratches from the polishing process, inclusions near the surface of the dice, or pinhole bubbles. These are difficult to capture on a photograph, but I strive to mitigate them as much as possible. For flaws with a large visual impact, the dice/set is discounted and the flaw clearly photographed. I don't sell dice I wouldn't be proud to have in my own dice bag. I do not sell dice which are improperly cured and dangerous (sticky, smelly, or "soft") or unrollable.

Are your dice balanced?
     TL;DR, yes.
     Slightly more elaborate answer, still yes. Check with your DM if they'll allow handmade dice at their table. And if they won't send them this link (shared with permission), an extremely thorough and well written discussion on casino dice, commercial dice (like Chessex), and handmade dice.

Where do you ship?
     I am based in the US, and I ship worldwide. Full value will be declared on customs forms. Customs charges are the responsibility of the recipient upon entry into your country.

Will my package have tracking information?
     All orders are tracked and insured. Once the package is dropped off with USPS/UPS, I cannot assume responsibility for packages in the postal system. If your package goes missing, please reach out to me (Instagram reply will be fastest, but the contact form on my website is fine too!), and we can navigate the insurance process together. However, I am unable to provide refunds in these situations since I am simply one person running this business, and put a lot of time and effort into each piece.

If I get charged shipping twice, will you combine shipping and refund?
     Yes (:

Do you accept returns?
     Please purchase mindfully, as I do not accept change of mind returns. If you have concerns about your purchase, or an item arrived damaged, please message me via the Contact page or on social media.


Will my resin dice yellow, or the pigment change colors?
     All resins will eventually yellow to some degree as they age, due to a natural degradation process that is unavoidable. Higher quality resins (like the Art 'n Glow that I am currently using) contain stabilizers and additives to mitigate yellowing effects. Resin tends to yellow when 1) stored in direct sunlight outdoors for extending periods of time (on the magnitude of weeks), 2) when exposed to high temperatures for a long time, or sometimes 3) when stored in an airtight container without good airflow. These exposures can accelerate the resin yellowing process, so it's recommended to store your dice in a cool dark place with good airflow.
     If you are particularly concerned about your resin dice aging, I recommend purchasing colorways without ‘clear’ windows, as clear portions of resin will show yellowing effects first. Marble pour or resin that is fully tinted a color (even transparent dice fully tinted) will age very gracefully. 

How should I store my resin dice?
     For resin dice, store at room temperature; avoid excessive heat. Resin has an upper limit on heat resistance (called the heat deflection point), and will soften and be dentable with a fingernail when it reaches this point. I am currently selling dice made with Art n Glow, with a heat deflection temperature of 105F. If your dice experience high temperatures, simply move them to a cool place where they will re-harden. 

Can I use a normal dice bag for resin dice? Do I need a rolling tray for resin dice?
     While not required, consider storing your dice in a manner during which they aren't rubbing against other dice. Additionally, consider a padded rolling tray to help maintain mirror finish and sharp edges. 

How can I clean my resin dice?
     Please avoid using harsh solvents on your dice, since they can affect the finish or inking. Additionally, do not soak or submerge your dice for extended periods of time, as this can also affect inking. If cleaning is needed, I recommend wiping your dice with a soft, damp microfiber cleaning cloth.

How do I sand my raw resin dice?
     First, I would like to share a most excellent guide to finishing raw dice by my friend Jessie (@void_dweller_dice on Instagram). You can find their guide linked here (shared with permission). At the end of their document are also some linked to YouTube tutorials.
     Usually, for my raw dice, you should only need to sand and polish the cap face. Often times, this is the 1 face, but sometimes it's is the highest face (eg 20 on d20). You can find the cap face by looking for burrs/edges that feel... well, like they need to be sanded. (: Occasionally, some cap adjacent faces may benefit from sanding as well to truly make the dice perfect, but it depends on your preference/skill level. I try to note these details on a set-by-set basis in their listing, but feel free to contact me with any questions about a particular set. I'm happy to send more photos/videos directly to give you confidence in your purchase. 
     I recommend purchasing your polishing papers from this link at Rio Grande. They are the same thing as "Zona papers" that many dicemakers use to polish, just not branded with the name. Even with shipping, it is cheaper there than on Amazon. 
     Jessie's guide touches on inking and makes some recommendations for paints. I also recommend "DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint" in whatever color you prefer. Here is a video (not mine) demonstrating how I ink dice.
     The exact way I polish my dice requires an expensive pottery wheel, but I am familiar with no-pottery-wheel-required methods. If you purchased raw dice from me, I am happy to chat via social media DMs/the contact page if you find yourself needing advice. 

What resin do you use to cast with?
     I'm committed to researching high quality resins and casting with well regarded brands. I am currently selling resin dice made from Crit Cast or Art N Glow. I do not plan to repurchase Crit Cast, so in the future, all my dice will be made from Art N Glow. If you would like a discount on purchasing Art N Glow, you may order through my affiliate link, or use my affiliate code DETECTDISCOUNT for 10% off your order.


How do I care for my faux-stone dice? 
     Faux-stone dice are more delicate than resin dice. To maintain their sharp edges, treat faux-stone dice like gemstone dice. Store them in their shipping tin or similar container, not in a bag where they will rub against one another. Roll only in a padded tray, as a hard table surface may dent their corners or chip their sharp edges. Do not drop the dice from tall heights. Due to their porous nature, excessive heat, water, or friction can damage the dice.
     Like natural stone, your faux-stone dice sharp edges 'weather' in over time. Depending on the exent of use, faux-stone edges and corners will round slightly, leading to a gentle handfeel and beautiful aesthetic. Faux-stone dice can scratch/scuff a bit, but tend to self-heal as they wear in. My beta testers found that very careful use (only in a padded tray, stored in their tin) left their faux-stone dice looking fairly pristine!

How did you develop this care guide?
     In summer of 2022, I sent out 28 sets of faux-stone dice to 14 fans of my page who wanted to help beta test the dice. I gave them one "Experimental" set for the proverbial "fuck around and find out." The testers also got a second "Control" set of dice (they got to pick the colors for this set!) to keep pristine and unused until we developed a protocol for use.
     We really put the dice through their paces, included tests such as shaking them in an industrial agitator for several hours, putting them through the washing machine, and running over them with a car... Yes, really. We did that. Science! To simulate a real ttrpg experience, my beta testers took their sets to their home games, rolled them in dice trays, stored them in backpacks, shook them up in chain mail dice bags, and baptized them in pizza grease. (I can't be the only one who's actually rolled a dice into snacks, right?) Let's just say that my testers were very creative.
     In general, my beta testers loved the faux stone dice, and feedback from their ttrpg friends was that the faux-stone dice were really neat, and the weight of the dice super satisfying. Their feedback helped me determind the care guide above. I'm so grateful for their help!